#4 How Rejuvenation Increases Our Ability to Tolerate Hard Stuff

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Each day when we awaken, we begin to take on the world. We go about engaging in our daily tasks as well as whatever else might be thrown our way. All this activity uses and consumes our pool of resources.generational shift comprar calça jeans masculina bolso faca generational shift generator logo mochila swissport anti furto higntech resistente 21l comprar calça jeans masculina bolso faca mochila swissport anti furto higntech resistente 21l mochilas escolares goiania generation y wiki generation 50 como colocar cordao em mochila saco mochila hang loose hawaiian preto mochilas femininas turma da mel generators for sale mochila mh500 30l

Unfortunately, this pool isn’t infinite. With the passing day, the amount of resources at our disposal begins to diminish. The more activities we engage in, the greater the decline in our resources. This decline can be accelerated by activities that use large amounts of our resources. Toxic things, e.g. a fight early in the morning with your partner, are particularly huge drains upon our resources. The more the resources at our disposal are drained away, the less likely we will be successful at doing what we need to do. This decline in performance can be a source of stress itself. Also, as the resource pool dries up, we become more susceptible to stressful events.

Fortunately, these resources are a renewable commodity. By engaging in some practical, simple-to-do behaviors, we can reduce the rate at which the pool drains. We can also easily and quickly rejuvenate…and even increase…our resource supply. All we need to do, using the parlance of our grandparents, is to live right.

If we consistently practice these rejuvenating behaviors, we can increase our capacity for handling stress. Let’s face it: stress is a part of our lives. The greater our capacity, the more stress we can handle without worrying about moving into the Unhealthy Stress zone.

Each Of These Initiatives Have Been Tried And Tested TO EVOKE REJUVENATION:

Exercise: We have known for a long time about the relationship between physical health and exercise. The more that you exercise, the greater your reserves for engaging in physical activity. The fact is, regular exercise is not only good for venting the excess energy that comes with stress, it is a great way for increasing our capacity to handle stress.

Rest: Although there are individual differences, adults need approximately 6-8 hours of sleep each day. Research indicates that most adults get far less sleep than is needed. Not only is sleep important, but so is taking restful breaks. Our ancestors did not get up early in the morning and go full tilt until bedtime. They took breaks to rejuvenate. Rest, whether it is sitting quietly, calming one’s thoughts, or it’s actual sleep, plays a critical part in “recharging our batteries.”

Proper Diet: The old adage is “we are what we eat.” If we eat garbage, well, what do we expect our lives to turn out to be? A good diet is critical in maintaining adequate energy levels.

Practice Spiritual Activity: Anybody can engage in this. In its most general sense, this means living a life that is connected with the world around you. It means smelling the flowers in the gardens you pass on the way to work. It means hearing the bees buzz, seeing the birds fly, watching the squirrel run up the tree. Practicing spiritual activity means reaching out with your heart and your mind and connecting with the life surrounding you and with the earth beneath you. It means, instead of struggling against the world, you practice dancing with the world.

Connect with People: Even though significant, close relationships have been shown to play a sizeable role in reducing stress, more superficial relationships show benefits as well. In other words, even joining a bowling league can help you rejuvenate. Although significant others can help us regulate ourselves and engage in healthy practices, there is a direct benefit from being socially connected. It’s just good for us and can be a powerful source for rejuvenation.

Reduce Screen Time: The technology of the 20th and 21st centuries have created a remarkable world. There are so many benefits, e.g. educational, recreational, etc., that technology has given us. But too much of anything can be bad. Too many people spend too many hours in front of a screen. The bright light, the television shows, the games, all of that electronic activity results in overstimulation, draining our resources and interfering with our ability to get a good night’s rest. Limiting the time in front of the screen can be a remarkable source of rejuvenation.


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