About Alive

The force behind the Alive experience is our unbending determination to persevere until our clients achieve mental and emotional well-being. Alive is composed of a passionate team of people who are skilled in helping individuals succeed at restoring their mental and emotional health. We accomplish this by using a multi-strategy approach incorporating evidence-based treatment modalities at the Alive Wellness Centres followed by after care support (via telephone and a smart phone app).

The growing body of evidence indicates that the brain has more “plasticity” than once thought and that brain cells can regenerate throughout our lives. Therefore, the brain affected by mental health struggles can be treated or “exercised”  to achieve mental well being.

How Alive works to restore well-being

The pursuit of Advanced Behavioural Sciences:

The consensus within the behavioural health community is that our brains are not hard-wired. They are, instead, neuroplastic and capable of change. Unfortunately and for a variety of reasons, many people have never been given the opportunity to believe in this possibility and find themselves stuck in a life sentence of chronic stress. This can eventually lead to mental health struggles and illnesses. The Alive journey incorporates the most advanced treatment modalities to help our clients regain hope to build strong mental and emotional health.

A Multi-Strategy Approach:

People have unique needs and respond differently to various treatment modalities which is why a multi-strategy approach is necessary. Alive’s process in helping clients manage stress and overcome mental health struggles includes the following:

  • A deep and engaging relationship with a psychologist that establishes a high TQ (Trust Quotient), masters level therapists and mentors in both the In-House and at After Care programs.
  • Outbound Adventures that motivate cardio activity to balance brain chemistry. This is the “awe factor” of nature that can draw attention away from unhealthy thought and emotional processes.
  • Group and individual therapy.
  • Art, Dog, Laughter and Play Therapy.
  • Yoga and Mindfulness.
After Care Experience:

The Alive confidential Portal and smart phone app work to maintain a strong connection with the therapists, mentors, and co-participants when clients return home. Additional weekly one-on-one and group tele-conference sessions are carried out via tele-video conferencing which works to extend the in-house program to 2-3 months or longer if required.

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