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Program Options

Alive offers two programs that work to either overcome mental health challenges or prevent mental health challenges from occurring:

logo_stop_diabetesMental Health Recovery works to restore an individual’s mental well-being whether they are suffering from depression, anxiety,  PTSD or chronic stress. During the 3-4 month period clients, with their clinical team, begin to focus on the goals they want to achieve. They begin working to gain awareness of their psychological functions and learn new skills to manage these functions through self-care and skills developed through evidence-based treatments modality. From the beginning, the Alive team works to help clients gain mental well being. This is accomplished by the Alive team learning each client’s unique needs and personalizing the core program. Learn More

035034ec-231e-4e3b-9fcc-26d997f354c5Stress Resilience is a preventative initiate that teaches clients to avoid mental health struggles by managing stress more effectively. This program works to help clients create greater awareness of their psychological functions and develop the skills needed to build strong resiliency to ward off stress and its negative consequences. It’s a one-week in-house program followed by a one-month After Care Program. Learn More

aftercarelogoThe After Care Program reinforces the Mental Health Recovery and Stress Resilience programs, when the clients return home to their day-to-day life. Support is administered over telephone, video conferencing , text messaging, and an interactive smart phone/PC app. The key objective is to allow our clients to maintain their relationships with their mentor, therapist, and co-participants that were formed during the stay at the Alive Retreat Centre.

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