Privacy Policy

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We are a company that values confidentiality, privacy, and security. As such, we are compliant with PIPEDA and HIPAA.

To continually monitor our state of compliance, Health Masters has partnered with Compliance Helper, a powerful tool that helps a company keep its HIPAA policies, procedures, and other documentation up-to-date. Providing customers with real evidence that Health Masters is HIPAA compliant, Compliance Helper’s meters allow customers to see at a glance how compliant Health Masters is with its procedures, policies, forms, and regularly scheduled tasks.

In an age filled with so much uncertainty, Health Masters’ existing customers and potential customers can be certain of two things that set Health Masters apart. First, the security and privacy of your clients’ personal information is as important to us as it is to you. Second, that Health Masters is prepared to do everything that is needed to ensure personal information remains secure and private.