MENTAL HEALTH & Its Economic, Societal, and Individual Costs – Part 8

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Health Masters: Using Advanced Science for Effective Solutions

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There is a consensus that the world is facing a major mental health crisis. Although developed countries are better positioned than developing countries to address this problem, the same challenges confront both. Not counting the toll that mental health problems and illnesses take on people’s lives, the cost to the economy is tremendous. If steps aren’t taken, the cost and the toll will continue to grow.

There are three major challenges facing any attempt to address this crisis and help those who need treatment to recover, while increasing the resiliency of those who have not yet experienced any mental health issues. First, given the limited resources available, new treatment and educational models are needed that are highly effective, highly efficient, timely, and affordable for goal achievement. Second, delivering those treatments to those who are typically overlooked in the mental health care system or, because of their lifestyle, find it difficult to obtain the care and education that they need. Third, a mental health force with up-to-date skills and knowledge as well as high job satisfaction needs to be available to deliver the treatment and education.

Health Factors, a company that has been in the vanguard for 21st century mental health product development since 2000, is now offering Health Masters. Combining technology with advanced behavioral science, Health Masters has developed effective solutions to the three major challenges to achieving good mental health. Using synchronous and asynchronous distant learning technology, Health Masters brings the best-fit, expert professionals to the classroom, the conference room, the office, or any other place where a computer can be set up with access to the internet. Health Masters offers solutions for improving mental-emotional health to people via face-to-face or virtual meetings.

The program is designed to assist employees, family members, and executives develop the skills needed so that they can: 1) Recover from existing mental health problem or illness; 2) Improve resilience, thereby reducing susceptibility for developing problems; and 3) Enhance mental health to help achieve personal or workplace performance goals.

Health Masters has a roster of workshop topics that include learning the skills for managing one’s psychological health, developing strategies for avoiding fatigue and improving mental and physical energy, increasing higher levels of joy and happiness, improving relationships and minimizing fractures to those relationships, building skills for filling one’s life with strong, positive friendships, and managing one’s anger. Each year, three new topics are researched and developed into short read mental health guides.

Stay tuned with our next blogs to know more about “How Health Masters Works”.

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