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Work Integration & Conditioning

If required Alive also offers a Work Integration & Conditioning (WIC) to assists individuals who have been off work due to a physical and or mental injury to return to paid employment in a safe and predictive manner. The WIC program not only prepares the person for the physical and cognitive demands of a job through specific work simulation, but also offers supportive treatment, job search assistance and job placement.
The individual’s functional abilities are assessed and compared to the actual physical and cognitive demands of the specified job. Then, an individualized WIC plan is tailored to condition the client’s limitations (physical and/or cognitive) with respect to the physical and/or cognitive demands of the job. The supportive career exploration or job interview skill and job search assistance begins at the start of your program. Research in the occupational rehabilitation and mental health field has highlighted the importance of a collaborative process involving the stakeholders in the return-to-work process (Supporting a Return to Work after an Absence for a Mental Health Problem).

Utilizing the resources and the support of a multidisciplinary team with expertise in active rehabilitation (kinesiology), vocational rehabilitation, job coaching, occupational therapy, and psychology, an individualized WIC plan is orchestrated to address the client’s barriers (physical and/or cognitive) and integrate them back to work. The WIC program's unique work integration is achieved through on the the-job-coaching, and individualized clinical support. Alive has partnership with many employers who offer our clients an opportunity to return to paid employment on a gradual basis. Our Employment Specialist works directly with the employer, client and the client's multidisciplinary team members to identify and address any arising concerns.