Karl, who earned his doctorate at the University of Missouri-Columbia, leads the research and development team for the Health Masters One-on-One and Group programs. The primary focus of the R & D Department is to analyze client data in order to evaluate and insure the effectiveness of the Health Masters programs as well as to develop and research new innovations so as to maintain our goal of continuing to increase program effectiveness. His academic and applied experience in experimental psychology and neurosciences provides Karl with the experience needed to ensure that our Health Masters programs are utilizing the most advanced behavioural science needed to support clients in achieving their health goals.
Karl has a fairly eclectic background in both his personal and academic background. A past Robert S. Daniel Teaching Fellow, he has taught over twenty different courses in psychology, neuroscience, research, history of science and substance abuse. A recipient of the Research Society on Alcoholism Junior Investigator Award, he has done research on the physiological basis of learning and memory, developmental neurobehavioural toxicology, alcohol use and abuse in college age students and harm reduction programs for young children.

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